Who we are

We are a Distribution company based in Berlin with  more than 14 people in the Sales Department. In addition to this we have our own Marketing and Design Department, Logistics, Social Media Team and our own company lawyer who takes care of all legal issues like Label check and so on. We have two storages – a smaller one here in Berlin and a large one in southern Germany.

We are working with all large supermarket chains like Edeka, Rewe, Metro, Norma, Netto, Penny, Globus, Tegut and so on. In addition to this we are also dealing with the organic chains like Alnatura, Dennree, BioCompany, BasicBio, etc. We are also strong in the HoReCa Sector and we are also supplying to Delicatessen stores, Flagship Stores and specialized food stores.

 At the moment we have 70 companies in our portfolio from all over Europe. We are working with organic but mainly with conventional products.

We are no agents or middlesman, we buy directly and resell it to the large chains. Though we are in very close contacts with them and exchange constantly.



Our logistics is based on two warehouses; one in Bavaria and another in Berlin - these storage capacities are an important part for the central delivery and provision of goods to the supermarket chains and food retailers.


For international companies, we are the interface between the manufacturer and the buyers.
We also act as an importer / first-time brand and thus fulfill the requirements of the German Food Industry.

Digital Pop-Up Store

In order to promote your products even
faster via Social Media, we have our own digital Pop-Up Store where we present every 14 days a new brand and product. Usually we create a sample package which can be ordered by the
clients then.